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ETU European Age-Group Championships Qualification
justalby justal Sep 19th 2012
Yeeeeesss! I've done it again, Q1 at Rother Valley and a place on Team GB for the 2013 European Champs. I still don't believe that I'm managing to do this myself, but I'm pretty stoked and can't wait to don my Team GB kit and mix it up with some o...
What Does ITU Age-Group Qualification REALLY mean?
justalby justal Jul 27th 2012
Got into a bit of discussion the other day. Read my blog post here about What ITU Age-Group Qualification REALLY means. If it means something to YOU, then it does mean something....
Team GB Kit
justalby justal Jun 28th 2012
Couldn't resist it, my Team GB kit arrived today, so here's the obligatory photo... Does my bum look big in it?...
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