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Consistency is the key
justalby justal Oct 23rd 2013
Following a successful year in triathlons I decided to think about what has worked and what hasn't this year and came to the conclusion that consistency has been the key. I've therefore just written a bog post on my personal weblog about the Keys to...
The positive side to injury
justalby justal Aug 30th 2012
My recent knee injury has meant that I've finally got around to starting some more strength and conditioning work. It's something I'd been neglecting in my training schedule, but while I couldn't run I started to incorporate a couple of sessions a we...
Ouch - Damn Physio's!
justalby justal Aug 8th 2012
Well, I went to the physio yesterday to let him work on my knee injury... Who'd have thought massage an Myofascial release on an IT Band could hurt so much. I was almost in tears! Time to buy a foam roller though and do some work on it myself as I...
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