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A Day off from the Training Merry-go-Round

justalby justalSep 2nd 2012
It's difficult sometimes to kick back and forget about the training, even on rest days it's hard to chill out but its good to do as well. Sometimes even if it means skipping a session it's good to do something different and enjoy some time with your loved ones.

I did just that yesterday, no swimming, no cycling, no running, no stretching or foam rolling, no core workout and it wasn't a rest day either. Instead we had a family walk up Snowdon. Me, my wife and our 7 year old son who was out for his first proper hill walk. He made it without any trouble of course, but then he wasn't carrying a huge rucksack like I was.

I'm sure it must have done some good physically as well as such things do use muscles that you might not use during your usual training and any cross-training like this has to be good. I even let loose on the diet as well and stuffed myself silly with chinese take-away at the end of the day. yes, it felt a little silly and I kind of regretted it but it's good to let go now and then and it won't make much difference in the grand scheme of things.
A Day off from the Training Merry-go-Round
Back to it today though with a hill reps run and a sprint session in the pool and I have a fairly packed week of training lined up ahead of me. Although, fitting it all in will be a bit of a juggling act as I'm off to the Isle of Man on Thursday ready for the End2End Challenge on Sunday.

Hopefully it won't be too much of a challenge though as I'm only using it as a easy training ride as I have Rother Valley Triathlon scheduled for the following weekend... Busy busy busy!
WeeManby member: WeeMan, Sep 5th 2012 16:19
Hi Alan
I totally agree. A rest day to a triathlete is not what most people would call a rest day i.e. a day of no exercise! So it's great to do what you've done and just have a day for other things once in a while. One or even two days don't matter in the grand scheme of things providing they're not badly placed right before a race or meaning you miss key sessions. It generally takes 48 hours for the body to start to 'forget' anyway. My season is now finished and I am in the down time mode but it feels wrong at the moment. As for Chinese takeaway well I prefer Indian! Good luck in the IOM and with the rest of your season.
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