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justalby justalJun 23rd 2012
You know how it is, after an absolutely gorgeous run on Wednesday morning - a morning made for running - subsequent sessions this week have been a little lack lack lustre. If only all sessions could be good ones.

Not to worry though I did manage to get out windsurfing on Friday.... Before the beginning of 2012 when I started taking triathlon a little more seriously I was a windsurfer through and through. I'd windsurf whenever it was windy and would be out several times a week, sometimes several times a day. However, big winds, big waves, big jumps and silly tricks such as forward loops all take their toll. Torn ligaments, broken feet, cracked ribs, smashed face and lost teeth were fairly common-place. As you can imagine, injuries such as these don't fit too well alongside training for triathlons.

So, with an aim to qualify for the Age-Group World Champs this year windsurfing had taken a bit of a back seat. My windsurf session on Friday was the first for several months. I'm happy to report no injuries were sustained, although my left ankle is a little sore this morning. I'm also happy to report that I haven't lost the skills. Video clip here to prove it - The jump at around 1:15 was a LOT bigger than it looks on the video.

It's windy again this morning, question is do I risk another windsurf session?
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