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Big Cow Race Report - An absolute Stonker!

justalby justalMay 28th 2012
Just finished my Big Cow Triathlon Race Report and what a race it was.

My planned easy relaxing day on Saturday didn't quite work out as I ended up being taken to Northampton General A&E and spent all afternoon there being poked and prodded, having blood tests, urine sample, ECG's, cannula's inserted and even a doctors finger in a place you don't want to know about.

I then ended up having to rush around all over the place but seemed to recover from my ordeal OK and put in an epic performance for my first ever 'big' event - I certainly seemed to rise to the occasion and knocked 90 seconds off what I thought would be my absolute best possible time, finishing in 1:03:27.

Full report and photos here: Big Cow Triathlon Race Report.

Did anyone lese here compete?
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, May 28th 2012 17:45
Wow great result Al! Love to hear it when all the hard work pays off. It did make me laugh when you woke up before 2am and thought well at least I don't have to rush! Fingers crossed for qualifying but as you say you should be chuffed either way!
justalby blog author: justal, May 29th 2012 05:58
Cheers Sarah, I am indeed pretty chuffed! And will hopefully be even more so once the official qualifying list comes out.. Mind you, quite how I'm going to afford to get to Auckland to compete I don't know!

martinkilbby member: martinkilb, May 29th 2012 22:22
Great race report - inspirational read after a hard despondent training day for me. Well done on the result too!
justalby blog author: justal, May 30th 2012 06:02
Thanks Martin... Don't worry, we all have days like that - They make the good ones even better!

Just checked the BTF website and there's a Q1 next to my name! Yeeeessss, Q1 - Get in there! Auckland Here I come! :)

sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, May 30th 2012 08:41
Awesome! Good effort Al :o)
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