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Bristol Harbourside Triathlon Race Report & Photos

justalby justalJul 16th 2012
What a great race that was - topnotch organisation and a good result for me:

Click here for my full Bristol Harbourside Triathlon Race Report,
and here for my Bristol Harbourside Triathlon Photos.
Oziemby member: Oziem, Jul 16th 2012 13:26
Hi Alan, I think I may have given you a bottle of water at the finish? Unless you finished in the 20min when I was having a break ;)
justalby blog author: justal, Jul 16th 2012 14:30
Good stuff, I was the sweaty, heavy breathing one in a tri-suit!! :)

Albeit a Team-GB suit with my name emblazoned on it.

Great race and great marshalls / officials all the way round.

sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jul 16th 2012 21:00
Great result Al, first place and a qualification spot had you needed it, however you had that in the bag already :-)
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