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European Champs Race Report

justalby justalJun 28th 2014
Another excellent international race with some top notch organisation - but then that's what you would expect from the ETU really isn't it.

I've written a full report here: European Triathlon Champ, Kitzbuhel, Austria - Race Report, but here's a quick summary if you don't want to read it all.

The race started with a dilemma over whether or not to wear a wetsuit. I was going to go without but in the end the weather on the day was pouring with rain and cold so I wore one just to keep warm in the pre-race holding pens. Swim was OK, 4th out of the water. I fell asleep on the bike, possibly duped by the amazing scenery, and I just didn't try hard enough on the run. Again I was distracted by the scenery and just did make myself hurt.

Finished 11th in the end which is probably where I deserve to be on an average day, but lost my title as European Champion in the process. It was good to see so many good athletes from other countries though rather than it being a Team GB whitewash. I did also manage to pre-qualify for the European Champs next year in Geneva, so it looks as though I'll be doing it all over again in 2015.

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