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Facing Failure

justalby justalJul 13th 2012
I ran a new PB on a hilly course that I do a couple of weeks ago knocking over 2 minutes off my previous best time.

I was obviously stoked about that, but it also meant that I didn't really want to have to run that course again as getting close to that time again would be incredibly hard. However, I faced the fact that I might fail to put in such a time again and ran the course on Wednesday morning.

Amazing, thanks to a bit of a sprint finish I not only managed to get close to my PB but knocked another 16 seconds off it - Yesss!!!! :)

It's always worth facing your fears of failure.

Here's a little video comparing the two runs.

The blue dot and lower graph represent my run on June 27th 2012 where I beat my personal best for this route by a massive 2 mintes and 5 seconds with a time of 52:23.

The yellow dot and upper graph represent my run on July 11th 2012 where I managed to knock a further 16 seconds off with a time of 52:07.

As you can see, I started off a little slower the second time around but managed to catch myself up on the final climb and then sprinted away at the end for the win!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jul 13th 2012 10:01
Al that is amazing, I love the video! So dos this tell you anything about your pacing then?
justalby blog author: justal, Jul 13th 2012 10:30
Possibly, although I think it just tells me to keep pushing until the very end!!
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