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Ouch - Damn Physio's!

justalby justalAug 8th 2012
Well, I went to the physio yesterday to let him work on my knee injury... Who'd have thought massage an Myofascial release on an IT Band could hurt so much. I was almost in tears!

Time to buy a foam roller though and do some work on it myself as I'm not paying good money for someone to hurt me that much when I can do it myself at home!

TriBlogsby member: TriBlogs, Aug 8th 2012 10:17
Yep sports massage can make grown men cry. I've always wanted to try one of those ridgy type rollers, which one are you going for?
justalby blog author: justal, Aug 8th 2012 10:40
Just a cheap plain one for now - Maybe once I'm used to that I'll go for a 'rumble roller' but that just looks far too painful at the moment!

justalby blog author: justal, Aug 14th 2012 18:10
Started with the foam roller now and it does seem to be hurting a little less each day - Either the foam roller is getting softer, I'm getting used to the pain or its actually doing some good. It still isn't exactly comfortable though!

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