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Pre-Race Lurgy

justalby justalMar 29th 2013
ItĀ's my first race of the year on Sunday, the Pwllheli Triathlon and annoyingly IĀ've come down with some sort of pre-race lurgy.

Headache, sore throat, cough and aching all over Ā- exactly what I donĀ't need. I had a rest day yesterday and have taken a day off training today as well, but unless I make some sort of miraculous recovery tomorrow then it doesnĀ't look as though IĀ'll be racing after all on Sunday.

Such a shame as I was looking forward to it as training has been going really well over the winter. Yes there have been a few niggles and IĀ've been aqua-jogging rather than running but I was feeling fit and was raring to go. ItĀ's not worth forcing it though and with the way the weather is at the moment the last thing I need to be doing is cycling and running around North Wales in near freezing conditions whilst I have a cold.

IĀ've been really healthy recently as well and havenĀ't had a proper cold for ages. This one hasnĀ't quite taken hold completely yet either so who knows maybe with some extra Vitamin C and some Echinacea IĀ'll be able to kick it before the weekend. If not then I shall be enjoying some Easter Chocolate at home with Anna and Morgan on Sunday rather than swimming, biking and running around Pwllheli.
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justalby blog author: justal, Mar 30th 2013 07:37
Feeling a little better today. Still have a headache though and feel a little fat thanks to all the cake - Do I or Don't I race tomorrow??
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Mar 30th 2013 20:17
It's a difficult one, I wouldn't like to suggest to you either way!

If it was going to impact adversely on future training then I personally wouldn't especially in this cold weather!
justalby blog author: justal, Mar 30th 2013 21:30
Don't worry Sarah... I probably wouldn't take someone else advice anyway! But, after a day of wandering around with the family today I'm shattered so I'm obviously not 100% or even close to it so I've decided not to race.

I ended up on the cardiac ward for a few days several years ago after doing a 24 hour MTB race whilst I had flu-like symptoms so I don't want to got there again.

Instead I've started on some Easter Feasting already and will have a week or so of letting the athlete lifestyle slip while I recover fully and then will start back into it once the school holidays are over... I might try to find a replacement race for the middle of April though and then its onto a race in your neck of the woods in May - The Cotswold Super Sprint.

A shame I can't do Pwllheli tomorrow as I was really looking forward to the race, and the chance to close in on a friendly rival who has won it for the past few tears - I was hoping to give him a swim, bike and run for his money this year.

sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Apr 25th 2013 12:23
Sounds like you made the right decision. Hope you are back to full health again now!
justalby blog author: justal, Apr 25th 2013 19:48
Yep, the 'lurgy' never really came to much but I think if I;d done the race then it would have wiped me out for a while... Looking forward to the Cotswold Super Sprint in a couple of weeks which will now be my first race of the season - Have no idea how well I'll go yet though.

I take it all is well with you? I take it you are still able to do a little bit of training?

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