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Reaching Breaking Point

justalby justalApr 23rd 2012
It's that time of year when I'm hoping to reach a breaking point. Training has been going well as as I approach the end of a strength and endurance phase both volume and intensity has been increasing. It's now time for a recovery week followed by some speed work ready for my next race. I'm hoping to see a bit of a breakthrough in my fitness and speed - this recovery week is important though so as not to result in a breakdown in my body!

My Training Stress Balance graphs are looking good though and my Chronic Training Load (CTL) has been gradually rising throughout the year - except for one little dip where I hurt my back and had a cold, another where I had to stop training for a week in order to have a blood test to check my CPK levels and another little dip just before my race in Pwllheli a few weeks back.
Reaching Breaking Point
Lets hope I can keep this up. Full blog post and more info on last weeks training here:
Reaching a Breaking Point in my Training.
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