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Strava Segment Hunting

justalby justalMay 9th 2013
I'm supposed to be on a taper week training wise ready for the Cotswold Triathlon at the weekend, but when a friend of mine did a 2.3 mile ride last night just to equal a KOM on a Strava Segment I couldn't help but get out there and do the same myself this morning... Although I did at least ride the segment in the opposite direction first so did a 4.5 mile ride instead.

I didn't quite clinch it but knocked 3 seconds of my previous best of 1:45 to post a time of 1:42 which equalled the KOM time. There are now four of us on the top spot, but I'm sure I could have gone a little quicker and I'm sure I sat up a little too soon thinking the segment finished earlier. Click here for full story and gory Strava segment hunting details.

I'll have to try it again soon and try to shave another second off for a proper KOM.
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