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Eat as much as you can?

karmenrby karmenrNov 28th 2009
Eat as much as you can?
I read Joe Friel's blog today where he writes about "Health, Diet and recovery"

And I started to think:

Even though or because of that we workout (almost) every day we have to pay close attention to what we eat?
At least for me it's not always easy to fallow the right eating habits.
Yes, I burn extra amount of calories when working out, but it's so easy to eat them all back and even more when you don't calculate or watch what exactly you put in to your mouth.

For preventing that I have some points that I try to fallow:

* Carbohydrates are for mornings. My usual breakfast is:
- oat-barley-wheat-rye porridge with banana and yoghurt and drop of orange jam.
- (rye)bread with cream cheese (unflavored), green salad and cheese
- self-made cappuccino:)

* In the lunch-time you can eat what ever you like (reasonably of course:)).

* Before diner it's good to take some fruit or like I have in my office refrigerate some yoghurt and cottage cheese. Last one is full of protein and is good for evening times too.

* The majority of proteins you have to have from diner. That's because for diner I make some pure meat - usually it's chicken or beef. Even though every normal estonian eats pork all of the time:) And make some green salad from lollo rosso, tomatoes, paprika, apple, pear etc. Or some veggie wok with meat. Diner must be low of carbs and full of proteins. Pasta (which I love) is for lunch only or before races.

* Fat is good! BUT it must be a good one - ie. olive oil (others I don't use:)) and right amount. The right time to use it is in lunch-time. There have to be almost no fat in breakfast nor in diner.

These are the main principals to healthy eating for me. But there is other aspect which is equally important - the ingredients and how you prepare it?

I love-love cooking. It's same time good and not so good too. Why? Yes, I make almost everything from scratch, no prefabricated food. But I like to cook all kinds of tasty pies etc. Like today I did tomato-cheese pie and it was delicious but not so healthy. So I try to find recipes which are equally delicious and at the same time healthy.

And like with everything in this world - the keyword is "balance"

* In the picture, there are some truffles which I did for charity bazaar:)
IMnadineby member: IMnadine, Dec 1st 2009 15:52
Hi Karmen, I wear sugoi socks, but I know that 2xu are also really good. 2xU also has compression tights! They do make a difference on how my calves and feet end up feeling. Usually they would be achy, but as I started wearing them they recover pretty well. I can tell a big difference between my calves and upper leg muscles that are still achy!
:) Also if you can get a hold of the drymax socks they are sweet! I had a 25km run with them and no blisters!!! They take humidity away from your feet.
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