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Here goes nothing..

First blog post

karmenrby karmenrNov 13th 2009
Morning started at 0530 am. Did the usual running - 9.35km / 6m:37s per km.
It was my fastest run. I started running in September and the main target for now is keep the pulse normal (for me it's ~150).
Felt good:)

At the moment I think I use heel-strike technique when running, but did some research and found out there is some kind of style called CHI-running ( I've tried this out and it is much faster than heel-strike, but I can't get the rhythm right and pulse will go up, but I'll keep on trying.

In the evening I'll go swimming and tomorrow is my rest day:)
Stats for: Nov 7th 2009 to Nov 13th 2009 (7 days)
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