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Here goes nothing..

How do you incorporate your personal life and training?

karmenrby karmenrNov 23rd 2009
First assumption: The majority of people (not pros) who deal with triathlon (endurance sport) are age ~25 and up. Right?

Second assumption: Many of them have kids and/or relationship?

Third assumption: The majority works Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm?

Well, my question is: how do you incorporate your personal life and training/racing?


I think I have managed to work out pretty good plan for that:

I do workouts 6 days / 8 times a week (1 day is for resting), that means there is 2 days when I do two sessions per day.

And my husband trains (almost) the same way.

And we both go to work Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm.

And we have 2 small kids.

And if that's not enough, we manage to go to the theatre almost once a week:)
One day (resting day) is completely for kids - we go hiking, theatre, swimming, museum, out to eat etc.

How we do it?
From Mon-Fri at 6am we do our session at the same time, but hardly ever together.
When we ought to do something in evenings (usually weights or swimming) we take the kids along.
In sundays when we do our 3h sessions the kids are with their grandparents.

The good part is that kids go to bed at 8pm and we are trying! to do the same at 10pm.

It's that simple:)
graifarby member: graifar, Nov 25th 2009 12:41
you post is exactly what I was looking for and what scare me most.
I'm 30, and I'm planning to have a family and to start training seriously in triathlon. What scares me is the right ratio between work/training/family.
-What if your husband is not an athlete?
-How do you manage your children during working and training time in the weekdays?
-Can you always finish your working day at 5(for me it's very hard)?

I really admire your lifestyle.
Keep going!

karmenrby blog author: karmenr, Nov 25th 2009 13:20
I'm testing, if HTML is working here:)

and one line more

I doubt it
karmenrby blog author: karmenr, Nov 25th 2009 13:59
(HTML code is working.. good!)

Hi Michele!

Thanks for the reply:)

I'll answer to your questions strictly from my point of view:):

Q: What if your husband is not an athlete?
A: Then the situation may be a bit more difficult - it all depends how your partner feels
about sport and you spending so much time doing it. And when the kids are coming along, then the crucial thing is
"tit for tat" ie. the amount of time you spend working out, the same amount you have to spend with your partner and/or kid(s).
Easy? At least not always.
Q: How do you manage your children during working and training time in the weekdays?
A: We are in a very good position: one kid is a student (8y), the other goes to kindergarden (5y).
And in weekends either my parents or husband parents can be with them for 4h, during our long session.
If it's absolutely needed, we can take turns, but that's not a good solution not for kids nor us.
Q: Can you always finish your working day at 5?
A: We have to. The kindergarten is open til 7pm, but it takes 1-1.5h to get there (specially if we go to supermarket first).
But when needed, we both can do work at home. It's a very big plus.

To sum it up I have to say from the moment I started training too, it all get a lot easier:) I feel we have found the good
way for our family, but it's certainly not suitable for everybody - you just have to try, til you find your own (right) way.
Oziemby member: Oziem, Nov 25th 2009 15:04
Hi karmenr, you can use HTML in your posts as well :)
graifarby member: graifar, Nov 25th 2009 16:19
Thanks Karmen,
your suggestions are really appreciated.

gocolettegoby member: gocolettego, Jan 30th 2010 12:22
Awesome post! Thank you....I have one year of sprint distances under my belt and then was so lucky to find out I was pregnant on our first daughter. I did one sprint distance (slowly!) just shy of 3 months after she was born to get me motivated again. I am now back to work full time and trying to fit in my training among everything else. Your blog is really helpful for ideas and reminds me to stay motivated. Thanks- I look forward to following your progress!
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