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Here goes nothing..

Is getting ill preventable and some Xmas things.

karmenrby karmenrDec 11th 2009
Now is the best time to get ill - it's dark most of the time, cold (but not enough) and wet. People spend lot of time inside where are other (sick?) people. And the stress.. Xmas coming and so on..

Is it possible to stay healthy through out all the winter?

Yes, they say that working out is healthy, but being real - the amount of time we spend training is not always healthy anymore. We weaken our bodies in every workout.

What do you do to stay healthy?

- At the moment I drink hot water with ginger-lemon-honey.
- I take Nutrend-Imunooxi
And use quite a lot of garlic in food. And that's it at the moment.

Oh and some Xmas things - what to give for Christmas for your sport-loving-friend?

In my wish list there are:

* Mavic Giova shoes
* Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly
* And some compression socks would be nice too:)
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