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Here goes nothing..

Motivation is down..

karmenrby karmenrDec 22nd 2009
Well, about month ago for me there was no problem to wake up 0525am and go running. But for two weeks already, I feel the only thing I want to do in the mornings, is sleeping. Depressing.. And in the evenings there are so many events to participate (children's Xmas parties etc.).

I'm physically and mentally so tired that I feel - I need a rest. I mean real one - like that: I decide I won't do anything for a week and most important - I don't feel bad about it. At the moment, I have days when I do nothing, but that's not resting, cause I feel bad about not doing anything..

Oh, I remembered with what it all started - for a week we had ~-20degrees cold. Yes, I went running with -13degrees, but with -18 it's not healthy to run anymore. And you obviously can't do biking and there where no real snow to ski (I don't like skiing anyway), the only outdoor activity alternative would be Nordic walking.

But I know what will happen next - because I wrote my 'problem' down to this blog, that it self gives me motivation to do extra more workouts. Specially cause I'm home until the end of the year (working of course) and have more time and opportunity to variate between times and workout types.

Thanks for listening:)
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