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Here goes nothing..

Thought it would be an easy week..

karmenrby karmenrNov 21st 2009
Thought it would be an easy week..
When I started this week, it seemed like it would be so easy week - I mean when counting the hours. Every evening I had something planned witch for sure wasn't a session:)
But as of today, my weekly hours are 5h50m. I have done weights, swimming, running, hiking, but no biking. Maybe I can do biking tomorrow - it's warm at the moment (~7 degrees) and the weather forecast says no rain tomorrow. Oh, how I'd like biking outside. Until now I have just done it at home with the help of the rollers, but it's not the real thing, you know.

I read some blog-post form the other tri-blogers (like Andy's and remembered that yesterday I talked to my friends about my goals too for the next 3 years:

2010 Half marathon
2010 Triathlons olympic-distance
2010 TT 33km/h
2011 Full marathon
2011 70.3 triathlon
2012 Full triathlon (Ironman)

.. and the answer I received was something like that: "I would also want to fly to the moon:)"

Even though I've trained only one year properly for now, I think those goals are not that utopian. But I agree that completely the other question is what will be the results of those races.

Well, anyway, at the other day I saw this video: and I say I can and I will do it:)
IMnadineby member: IMnadine, Nov 22nd 2009 00:19

i think your plan is a good one! Two years of preparation before your first Ironman is plenty. You can finish an ironman on 11 hrs of training a week. Don´t let anyone discourage you. I have done two Ironmans and I am on my way to my third next year. I prepared one year for my first one. SO CHIN UP SISTER!! AND TELL ANYONE WHO DOESN´T BELIEVE IN YOU TO BRING IT ON!!!! Good luck in training
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