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Year is starting to end

karmenrby karmenrDec 28th 2009
Year is starting to end
On the 2nd of December in 2008 I went to my first "real" workout - nordic walking:).
I had earlier done some workouts for two years, but until then, I had done it for somebody else, not for myself.

But about a year ago something changed and I decided that I do have that one hour in the evenings (when kids are asleep) to myself and I will go out.

I started with nordic walking - why? because my HR level was so high that this was the only way I could keep it "normal". I did it until the pedestrian road was almost snow-free in the early April and then started to do biking.

My first MTB race was in the early May - DNF:( - flat tire and no equipment to fix it. From then on I never go out without the necessary stuff and I do know how to use them:)

In June I went to hiking with bike:) to Montenegro for two weeks. I saw there my first mountains and I loved them.

After that I did some MTB races and in the end of August, I felt I had enough with the MTB bike for that moment. And just for some changes I started to run. But I had seen some TT races and one triathlon and it wasn't a big surprise that I end up buying my first TT bike.

My watch didn't have any software to save the data normally ie. training diary. I entered the keyword "training diary online" to google and form that on I was hooked:)
I liked Triblogs from the first moment and didn't even look at the other results:)
Before that I thought: "TT is my priority, but maybe I'll try some short triathlons too." After I had entered the world of triathletes (reading your blogs here) my plans are changed a bit - 2012 I will attend to my first ironman.

Endurance sport is not some one-night-stand, it's lifestyle and now it's my lifestyle too:)

My goals for the year 2010:

* 1 very short triathlon (1/10 from the Ironman)
* Half-marathon
* Olympic triathlon
* TT with avg. 33 kph
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