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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

Archive: November 2012 (Close)

Training - Week 5
katywalkerby katywalker Nov 28th 2012
TOTALLY fell off the wagon last week...combination of not feeling great and busy social calendar! I know, I know - no excuses! Ive updated my week 4 blog post with what I ACTUALLY did - shocking! Anyway - back on it this week... Monday - SWIM: Te...
Training - Week 4
katywalkerby katywalker Nov 19th 2012
Updated... this is what I ACTUALLY DID...oh dear!! Monday - SWIM: Technique 1hr , Tuesday - Nothing!, Wednesday - Nothing!, Thursday - Nothing!, Friday - Nothing!, Saturday - BIKE: Club ride 16 miles - in the rain - horrid!!, Sunday - Nothing! SWI...
Training - Week 3
katywalkerby katywalker Nov 7th 2012
It's only Monday and already I feel uber tired! Despite having no weekend training time, last weeks plan seems to go well and I enjoyed the sessions... So - more of the same! Here's the basic outline - will provide detail on swim drills/ interval s...
Training - Week 2
katywalkerby katywalker Nov 6th 2012
So...we're in week two and lots learnt from last week so a few tweaks need to be made... I am also doing a Sport & Remedial Massage Course at the weekend, so the whole weekend is a write-off for excercise! Here's the plan - slightly more swim and...
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