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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

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Training - Week 14
katywalkerby katywalker Jan 28th 2013
Weekend workout... So the plan said 15km run on Saturday and spinning on Sunday... Trouble was my calves were pretty tender on Saturday and didn't think a 15km run was wise. But with only a week til Wokingham Half Marathon, running is the priority. ...
Training - Week 13
katywalkerby katywalker Jan 20th 2013
Training - Week 12
katywalkerby katywalker Jan 14th 2013
Thanks to some swimming coaching last Thursday, I have a few new things to work on in the pool, which is keeping me motivated and keeps the sessions interesting... Lots more running and the training structure seems to be working well for me. My curr...
Training - Week 11
katywalkerby katywalker Jan 4th 2013
Buzz word for the next two weeks is "Threshold!!" Did a 30 min RSLT test on 4/1/2013, the results of which dictate my running training for the next two weeks... After two week, its time to re-test! Monday: SWIM - 200m; Drills: 21-22-23 & 3-6-6-3;...
Training - Week 10
katywalkerby katywalker Jan 2nd 2013
Training - Week 9
katywalkerby katywalker Jan 2nd 2013
See week 8 overlap.... Nothing to report...
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