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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

Training - Week 11

katywalkerby katywalkerJan 4th 2013
Buzz word for the next two weeks is "Threshold!!"

Did a 30 min RSLT test on 4/1/2013, the results of which dictate my running training for the next two weeks... After two week, its time to re-test!
Training - Week 11
  • Monday: SWIM - 200m; Drills: 21-22-23 & 3-6-6-3; Main set: 4 x 400m @ 6/10; Warm down: 200m back/breast
  • Tuesday: RUN - 2-4 x 2,000m at two seconds per 400m faster than RSLT (12.7kmh)
  • Wednesday: SWIM - Warm up 200m; Drills: 'Touch belly' 200m; Main set 10 x 100m @ 8/10; Warm down 200m back/breast;
  • Thursday: RUN: 7.5km from work (steady); SWIM: Lesson
  • Friday: RUN: Hill reps 8x 200m reps
  • Saturday: RUN: 15km long Run (easy)
  • Sunday: RUN - 6-8 x 800m at eight seconds per 400m faster than RSLT (13.5kmh)

Monday: SWIM

Grrreat swim, did the full set and felt great afterwards. Doing 4 x 400m is all mental with me and if I can just get my head in the right space to "just get on and do" then it will make all the difference. The drills seem to be getting a little better - i'm getting used to them more now. 100m of each drill was relatively painless and felt...dare I say it, easy!

Tuesday: RUN

First session of the threshold running training today, and really pleased!

It makes a real difference having a fixed set to do and knowing that whilst it's really hard, there's some science behind it, so it should be achievable. Did 2 x 2,000m @ 12.7kmh with this obvious warm and down. Very hard, much harder than doing a faster pace for shorter efforts, as is what I've done in the past. My HR averaged 170 for both efforts, which is nice and consistent, albeit max HR for first effort was 171 and ma HR for second effort was 173.

Thursday: RUN

7.5km recovery run done. Boom!! 43:16mins... felt nice and easy. Really enjoyed!

Friday: RUN

Hill reps done! 8 x 200m @ 6%... Average HR 171! Intervals tomorrow, then 15km steady on Sunday...
thinmanby member: thinman, Jan 10th 2013 18:42
I think your really missing out on a decent bike ride or two! It's great to see another keen athlete trying their hardest but don't neglect the longest part of a triathlon!
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Jan 15th 2013 17:15
Thanks...What you say is bank on right. I just not feelin the love for cycling at the moment. Ive never really enjoyed the bike albiet, its probably where I can make the biggest gains... Jaut wish cycling wasnt so painful. Not so much saddle sore, but sitting bones feel bruised after a long bike ride... :( I have assos shorts, so good kit but might need to try another saddle...?
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