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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

Training - Week 14

katywalkerby katywalkerJan 28th 2013

Weekend workout...

Training - Week 14
So the plan said 15km run on Saturday and spinning on Sunday... Trouble was my calves were pretty tender on Saturday and didn't think a 15km run was wise. But with only a week til Wokingham Half Marathon, running is the priority. So much to my own upset (cos Sunday 90 min spin is BRILLIANT!!) I ditched the spin and did my long run on Sunday instead. I did contemplate doing both but that would have been plain stupid!! Although in the next month or so that's exactly what I need to do...
Anyway, pretty solid run of 15k @ 11.5kmh...a hard effort but HR averaged 157, so lets see if I can hold that next Sunday...

Feeling nervous! Next Sunday is going to be a real benchmark and I'm scared I'll be disappointed. I need to call on all my positive energy and fight my negative demons... your own hero! little pecs hurt!!

So those 'few' weights yesterday have turned out to be quite painful! Its hurts today... :( As long as I dont raise my arms above my head, its fine...swimming later should be fun then!

Friday lunchtime recovery run...Bosh! Done! 7.5km @ 11kmh it nearly the weekend...?

Right!! So Wednesday was interval running training day. 8 x 800m at 13.5kmh with 1min rest between each interval.

It felt super tough and I forgot my heart rate monitor which meant I was running without the safety blanket of knowing what my HR was doing...psychologically this made it seem harder...

Wednesday evening was yet more spinning, which IĀ've started doing more of, simply because i feel totally uninspired to do outdoor cycling or turbo work at the moment. Spin was hard - we did 1hr of a hill set and DID feel I gave it all I had.

So unsurprisingly, itĀ's Thursday and IĀ'm feeling a little pooped. 30min tempo run today though was on the cards so it was done! 30min@ 12.5kmh... fatigue is catching up with me, I can tell. A few upper body weights and a melt in the steam room to finish...

I need to do club swim tonight but am still at work and whilst, yes, IĀ'm updating my blog, IĀ'm doing so because I know IĀ've already missed swimming and can't now get there in time for the class....
Tuesday morning and up at 6.30am and off to spinning. 40min of spin then 10min hard run off bike (12.5kmh), just to start gegtting the legs used to running off the bike. Sweat loads!!

1min interval @ gear 11; 1min rest @ gear 8
1min interval @ gear 12; 1min rest @ gear 8
1min interval @ gear 13; 1min rest @ gear 8
1min interval @ gear 14; 1min rest @ gear 8

2 x 1min45 @ gear 12; 1min20 rest @ gear 8
2 x 1min30 @ gear 12; 1min10 rest @ gear 8
2 x 1min15 @ gear 12; 1min rest @ gear 8
2 x 1min @ gear 12; 1min rest @ gear 8

2 x 45sec @ 14; 1min rest @ gear 1
3 x 30sec @ 15; 1min rest @ gear 1
4 x 15sec @ 15/16; 1min rest @ gear 1

......ditched the infamous drag shorts ;)

Had to skip my easy Monday lunchtime run!! Work got in the way!! Such is life :(

Monday club swim was a nice simple sesssion:

Warm up - 100fs/ 100pull/ 100 single arm drills/ 100 f/s
Main Set - 8 x 100 (as 25m east; 25m steady; 25m easy; 25m hard)
Warm down - 50m back/ 50m f/s 50m breast

I always wear drag short over my costume... in all honesty, im not quite sure why... I usec to prefer wearing a two piece swim costume (I feel less pulled in half!), but then somehow moved to wearing drag shorts over my swimsuit... Anyway, decided last night to ditch the infamous drag shorts...which didnt go unnoticed by some of my swimming counterparts. I have a feeling they'll be back though... mainly because I think they look kinda cool.

The Plan...

  • Monday: RUN: Easy recovery run; SWIM - Club Swim
  • Tuesday: BIKE - Spin (Bisham)
  • Wednesday: RUN: Intervals(8 x 800m at 13.5kmh); BIKE - Spin (BTS)
  • Thursday: RUN: Tempo; SWIM - Club Swim
  • Friday: RUN - easy recovery 7.5km; SWIM - Drills (Rotate Through Hip set), Main Set (6 x 200m @ 7/10)
  • Saturday: RUN:Long Run 15km@ 11.5kmh
  • Sunday: BIKE - Endurance Revolutions, Bisham (spin)
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jan 28th 2013 12:26
Sometimes weeks go like that, the important thing is that you picked yourself up and got back out there. Also I am very impressed that you ran extra laps before the race and stuck to closer your planned distance!
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Jan 28th 2013 16:32
Thanks Sarah...always great to get feedback from the Triblogs community
Kenwood Triby member: Kenwood Tri, Jan 31st 2013 09:04
Winter training is tough, its dark, wet windy and cold! At least the days are getting longer (just like the training sessions!)

Keep focused on the end goal!
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Jan 31st 2013 18:10 sleepy...
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