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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

Training - Week 1

katywalkerby katywalkerOct 29th 2012
This week is all about finding my feet... initially, the training plan is fairly uncomplicated and has three training sessions per discipline per week, plus one full rest day.

Running training is all about getting faster, so each weeks contains an interval set (for speed), a hill rep set (for strength) and a long run (for stamina/recovery).

Swimming objectives for the winter are technique, technique, technique! So lots of technique sessions - as much as possible, but with some regular time trials so I can map progress.

Bike training is concentrating on improving hill and flat road strength and lots of hard turbo sets with BIG gears!! Ouch!
  • Monday - SWIM: Pool Swim - Technique/ 400m TT (Record time as baseline for improvement)
  • Tuesday - RUN: Interval Sets - 5km as 30 secs hard; 30 sec jog (Treadmill)
  • Wednesday - REST (...might squeeze in a spin class for doesn't count!)
  • Thursday - BIKE: Turbo - Strength set (am); SWIM: Pool Swim - club swim/technique (pm)
  • Friday - RUN: Hill reps - 10 x 200m sprint up; active recovery down
  • Saturday - BIKE: Long ride - Club ride 35 miles moderate
  • Sunday - RUN: Long Run - 12km easy pace
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Oct 30th 2012 15:05
Lesson #1 - Planning a swim set at 9.30pm is NOT a good idea! Getting ones butt down to the pool is one thing, but knocking out a quality training set is another... dont do again!
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Oct 30th 2012 15:07
Great interval set today... ended up faffing with the buttons on the treadmill for far too long! And changed set slightly to do 5km @ 2mins just below race pace; 30sec hard effort. Perfect for a lunchtime session.
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Oct 30th 2012 15:08
Lesson #2 - Dont get ditracted by famous people in the gym! Dame Kelly Holmes is just a person like everyone else...yeah right!
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 1st 2012 11:19
Lesson #3 Make sure your interval runing set doesnt knacker up your calves, so that you can't train for the rest of the week!! Had to skip my Turbo set this morning - too sore! Think i'm going to stop wearing my Newtons...
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Nov 2nd 2012 12:33
Hard not to be distracted by Dame Kelly......she's a living legend!

Shame about the knackered calves :-( I get really tight sore calves too and I find a tennis ball/foam roller can help after a day or two.
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 6th 2012 11:36
Thanks sarah - good tip.
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 6th 2012 11:37 calves still sore and had to ditch hill reps on Friday...! Boo!
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 6th 2012 11:38
Nice 35 mile rike ride on Saturday: Windsor - Englefield Green - Chobham - Windlesham - Winkfield - Windsor

Great loop, which I would recomend! Nice undulating bits and Priest Hill out of Old Windsor is a treat!
katywalkerby blog author: katywalker, Nov 6th 2012 11:39 long run on Sunday either...damn those calves!!
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