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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
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Training - Week 3

katywalkerby katywalkerNov 7th 2012
It's only Monday and already I feel uber tired! Despite having no weekend training time, last weeks plan seems to go well and I enjoyed the sessions... So - more of the same!
Here's the basic outline - will provide detail on swim drills/ interval sets etc during the week...its about 11/ 12 hrs in total.
  • Monday - SWIM: Technique (Catch Phase) 1hr
  • Tuesday - RUN: Interval Set 60min
  • Wednesday - RUN: Recovery/Easy 9.5km 60min
  • Thursday - BIKE: Turbo - Strength set (am) 1hr; SWIM: Pool Swim - Technique (Catch Phase) 1hr
  • Friday - RUN: Hill reps - 10 x 200m sprint up; active recovery down 1hr
  • Saturday - BIKE: Long ride - Club ride 40 miles moderate 2 1/2hrs
  • Sunday - RUN: Recovery/Easy 12km; SWIM 90mins: Technique (Catch Phase) 1hr

SWIM: Catch Phase Drills (Monday)

  1. Doggy Paddle: Pull buoy between the legs. Push off from the wall and stretch both arms out in a long arrow. After the arrow phase with one arm move the hand backwards until the hand is on the same level as the shoulder. Try to keep the elbow stuck to the surface of the water and point the forearm and hand vertical down to the bottom of the pool. After the hand has reached the same level as the shoulder move the hand and arm back to the front under the water. Once both arms have joined back up front start a similar movement with the other arm
  2. Swimming with fists: Make a fist with both hands and swim a full lane lake that. Because you cannot create propulsion with your hands you are forced to use your forearms to move water backwards. You will feel forced to raise your elbow in order to move forward.
  3. Skulling drills:
    With both arms stretched out as far as possible move the hands and arms alternating out - and inwards. Keep the movement short and quick in order to maintain momentum after pushing off from the wall
    Similar to the skulling exercise above though now keep the arms next to the body with an angle in the elbow of 90⁰ and point the forearm and hand vertical down to the bottom of the pool. The shoulder is at the same level as the shoulder.
  4. Swimming with hand paddles: only attach the paddles around the middle finger or middle 3 fingers of the hand. Try to keep the paddles completely attached to the hand throughout the stroke. If you feel the paddle is moving away from the hand this means you are not keeping the elbow high enough in the catch phase of the stroke

Run: Intervals (Tuesday)

  • 10-15 mins warm up - easy
  • 6 x approx 250m hill reps (shallow gradient)
  • 6 x 10 sec hill sprints/bursts (steep gradient)
  • 10-15 mins warm down - easy
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