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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
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Training - Week 5

katywalkerby katywalkerNov 28th 2012
TOTALLY fell off the wagon last week...combination of not feeling great and busy social calendar! I know, I know - no excuses! Ive updated my week 4 blog post with what I ACTUALLY did - shocking!

Anyway - back on it this week...
  • Monday - SWIM: Technique 1hr
  • Tuesday - OFF
  • Wednesday - SWIM: Technique 40min; RUN: Interval set 40mins
  • Thursday - RUN: Minute Tempo Run (Start at easy pace gradually increasing pace until 25 minutes in you are at or slightly above race pace, hold for 3-5 minutes then gradually bring pace back down) 40 mins; SWIM: Technique 1hr
  • Friday - RUN: Hill reps - 6 x 100m sprint up; active recovery down 40min
  • Saturday - RUN: 5km Park Run - record results as benchmark - MISSED THIS!!
  • Sunday - BIKE: Turbo 1hr (strength); Swim: Continuous easy swim - building distance concentrating on technique 30min

SWIM: Timing (Monday)

Arm ¬- leg coordination: In the front crawl technique there are 3 different arm vs leg coordination patterns:

2 beat stroke: typically used for long distance swimming; per complete arm revolution (both right and left arm complete one stroke) 2 legs beats occur. Or each time your enter the hand into the water there is a downward kick with the opposite foot.

4 beat stroke: same as with the 2 beat stroke where you focus on doing a downward kick at the time the hand enters the water though you perform an extra kick while the arm is halfway through the stroke. So per complete arm stroke the legs kick 4 times

6 beat stroke: the legs kick 6 times per complete arm stroke. This usually happens in sprint where the legs kick full on and the arms keep rotating relatively slowly compared to the legs.
  • Catch up drill: this is a good drill for those that swim more with their arms in a ¬'windmill¬' coordination. Keep one arm stretched up front in the arrow phase while the other arm performs the stroke. Keep the arm up front stretched until the arm that performed the stroke is recovered fully back above the water and has entered the water until the arm is completely stretched next to the other arm. Touch both hands and after that perform the stroke with the arm that was stretched out initially.
  • Reverse catch up: This is a good drill for those who swim more with a ¬'catch up¬' like stroke. Kick off from the wall with both arm next to the upper body and upper legs. With one arm still next to the body perform one complete stroke with the other arm until that arm has finished the stroke just before exiting the water. Once the arm that has ended the stroke with finish next to the upper leg you start the same stroke with the other arm
  • Combination exercise: start the exercise in either the ¬'catch up¬' style or ¬'reverse catch up¬' style as described above. Swim like this for the first half of a lane. After that gradually increase the arm frequency until both hands are moving in perfect coordination. So if you start in the ¬'catch up¬' like stroke you gradually increase the arm frequency by pulling the arm that was up front away quicker and quicker until you notice you pull you arm away once the recovering arm is just passing the shoulder. If you start in the ¬'reverse catch up¬' style gradually increase the arm frequency and keep the arm up front stretched longer and longer until the arm up front only pulls away once the hand of the recovering arm passes the shoulder.
  • Pause with hand next to shoulder: Swim a normal stroke though when you bring the hand above the water to the front pause your hand on shoulder height for 2 seconds, after that proceed with arm entry while the other arm pulls away.
  • Practice the 2 beat stroke - Perform the same drill with pausing the hand near the shoulder for 2 seconds as described above. When you actually enter the hand focus on kicking with the leg in the water. Think of ¬'kick and glide with the arm¬'. After doing this drill a couple of time try to speed up the stroke to normal frequency though keep the emphasis on the kick at the same time with the glide.
  • Practice 4 beat stroke: do the same as with the 2 beat stroke though try to add a leg kick in between glides.

RUN: Interval set (Wednesday)

4 x 400m warm up
6 x 600m as 400m @ 14km/hr; 200m (recovery) @ 9km/hr
4 x 400m steady @ 12km/hr
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