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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

Training - Week 6

katywalkerby katywalkerDec 3rd 2012
Still easing back on cycling, for now... Lots more swimming...really enjoyed my swimming last week ;)

Nice clear week this week with few no excuses. The majority of work is indoors, so avoiding any weather related issues and avoiding having to cancel session owing to 'bad weather'...
  • Monday - SWIM: Pool Swim, 360 Endurance Coaching
  • Tuesday - OTHER: Racquetball; RUN 7.5km easy
  • Wednesday - SWIM: Pool Swim Technique and Build
  • Thursday - SWIM: Technique and Build
  • Friday - RUN: 7 x Hill Repeats - 10 to 20 minute warm up. Find a long hill (a quarter to half mile) and do the repeats. Crest over the top and do not stop until at least 50 yard over the crest. Jog at easy pace back down the hill and repeat. Do a 10 to 20 minute warm down.
  • Saturday - RUN: 90 Minute - Focussing on time not distance. Keeping talking pace for the first 65 minutes. Then run at half marathon race pace for the next 20 minutes. Run at easy pace for the last 5 minutes. A soft surface like trails is great for the long run.
  • Sunday - SWIM: SWIM: Pool Swim Technique and Build
Training - Week 6

Swim Set (Wednesday)

Had a really bad session (mentally) on Monday, which resulted in a bit of a tantrum, which in hindsight, I'm a bit embarrassed about! So I have something to prove to myself getting back into the pool on Wednesday.... with a single focus...


Did 100m quick warm up then 1000m purely concentrating on high elbows and wide arms. Feeling much better now.

Club Swim (Thursday)

Great Club swim last night - working on technique, but with an emphasis on doing a set which one could do in a public pool with minimal disruption... REALLY recommend this one!

Warm up (200m)

Drills x 2:

50m Spearing fist
50 m Push/Pull
50m Full Stroke
50m Fists
Rest (30 sec)
50m Thumbs on thighs
50m Zip up
50m Full Stoke
50m Chicken wing

Intervals x 2:

Glide/Sprint (7/10 effort) /Glide
Sprint( 8/10 effort) /Glide/ Sprint (9/10 effort)

Warm down (breaststroke/backstroke)

Hill Reps (Friday)

So...up at 6am this morning for my weekly hill reps session. Roads were a bit icy and a few slips and slides made things fun! Thankfully, and unlike the two people I was with, I resisted temptation to roll around on the ground in a heap! IT WAS A DIVE!! :)
Ended up doing 10 x hill reps, not the 7 in my schedule... hard core!

Swim (Sunday) - Stringing it all together...

1. 50 - 100m Wide arms, wide arms, wide arms, wide arms, wide arms, Wide arms....up and down, up and down, up and down....
2. 50 - 100m High ebows, wide arms, high ebows, wide arms, high ebows.......up and down, up and down, up and down....
3. 50 - 100m High ebows, wide arms, high ebows, wide arms, high ebows.......breath early in the stroke, breath early in the stroke...
3. 50 - 100m High ebows, wide arms, thumbs on thighs, wide arms, high ebows, thumbs on thighs.......breath early in the stroke...
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