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Katy Walker - Training Blog
Katy Walker - Training Blog
"Give yourself permission to exceed your own expectations...."
(Katy Walker)

Training - Week 7

katywalkerby katywalkerDec 10th 2012
"Training is the opposite of hoping...get on and DO!"

Only 10 sleeps til Lanzarote (cycling) training week over Xmas! So need to stay focussed... Looks like i've earned a mid week rest day this week ;-)
  • Monday - RUN: 5km Easy Run Day; SWIM: Technique w 360 Endurance Coaching (200 TT)
  • Tuesday - RUN: Intevals 8x 800m Start with a 1.5 mile warm up. The do a 400 meter at slightly faster then 5K race pace. Do a slow 400 meter cool down (walk if necessary) try to get the heart rate back down. Repeat 8 times, then a 1.5 mile cool down run
  • Wednesday - REST DAY
  • Thursday - RUN: Tempo 40min - Start at easy pace gradually increasing pace until 25 minutes in you are at or slightly above race pace, hold for 3-5 minutes then gradually bring pace back down; SWIM: Club Swim
  • Friday - BIke: BIKE Turbo Strength; Turbo; RUN: 7 x Hill Reps
  • Saturday - RUN: 5km Park Run; Swim: Long continuous easy swim
  • Sunday - SWIM: Technique and Build (Wycombe pm)

Swim (Monday)

So after having what I thought was a productive week last week on the swimming front...turns out im going backwards! ...6 weeks on im actually slower over 200m that I was before :(

Trying to ensure my disppointment motivates me rather than crushes my spirit...
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