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zero to hero
zero to hero
In the spring of this year (2010) my wife told me I was getting a pounch and that I should do something about it. 16 weeks later I was entering the water for the Teesdale triathlon. I finished albiet slowly but this has only spurred me on to bigger and better things, this is the tale of my triumphs, failures.

New bid to regain what fitness I had after a couple of half hearted months

kevnixonby kevnixonNov 17th 2010
In a new bid to regain what fitness I had, I have decided to start this blog as well as join my local tri club (Teesdale Triathlon club). The plan is that the knowledge that others are aware of my progress or lack will promote some sort of guilt.
So here we go just back from a bracing 2 mile run in 22 min average heart rate 64, dont know how this rates - probably not great but at the moment its great for me, at least I'm out there. Feel great for it now, just got to hold that feeling in my head when I plan to go out on the bike tommorrow, lights already purchased!
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