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A trying triathlete
A trying triathlete

Post SCSM 2009

kyoursby kyoursDec 13th 2009
0400hrs: 2slice peanut butter bread
0530hrs: race start
600ml of accelerade on hand
1st power gel at 1hr mark (~9km)
2nd power gel at 1:45mark (~16km)
3rd power gel at 2:30mark (~23km)
filled up 2nd 600ml accelerade at 27km
4th power gel at 3:30mark(~33km)
bonk at 34km

weather: cooling, no sun.

Woke up at 4am on raceday, downed 2pcs of peanut butter bread and coffee. After that made my way down to the start point at esplanade. Settled the baggage and made my way to the start point, gun started soon after. The road was filled with runners, clock was already at 8mins when i passed the start line.

1st 10km, was feeling good and maintaining 6:25/km pace, heart rate was up to 80%
10km to 21km, was still feeling ok, heart rate was at 80-83%, pace was about 6:20/km
21km to 30km, was feeling the energy draining out at 28-29km, however was still maintaining 6:20pace, heart rate had gone up to 86%. I had only finished my 600ml of accelerade at 27km, topped up with a fresh bottle of accelerade there.
30km-34km, it was all downhill from 30km onwards, i could not maintain the pace that i was setting, it was very frustrating. I had not encounter this during my 35km training run... took my gel at the water pt at 34km, gulp it down with some water, then ate 1 banana at the banana pt. It was at this point where i bonked, the gel and banana did not settle well in my stomach, i was also getting tired of the accelerade, couldn't force myself to drink it anymore. Tried to jog abit but the puking feeling keeps coming back, in the end had to walk/jog. It continued this way till 37km, after which i gave up trying to jog, instead i went for a fast march, a check on my watch shows that i am able to do 7:40/km brisk walk, i brisk walk the last few km till 41km, then slowly jogged to the end pt and it was painful.

I missed my target time of 4:30, looking back at the training that i had put in, i can say i feel a bit disappointed... i really did not know why it happened from km30 onwards... maybe i should have done a few more training runs of 30km and above instead of 1. It might be also due to the fact that i switched to using accelerade only on the last 2 training runs... too much gel usage? When i did the 35km long run, i only used 2gels and was drinking gatorade, i was maintaining 6:20pace and still had energy to go below 6:00pace from 28km till 34km.

All in all, i will have to train up more to make sure that i will not hit the wall again. Learning from the experience of this run, i will experiment with the use of accelerade for my next training cycle.
1st day of Dec
kyoursby kyours Dec 1st 2009
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SCSM racepack collection
kyoursby kyours Nov 28th 2009
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