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Journey to Outlaw

The start of Outlaw 2011

leigh195by leigh195Dec 29th 2010
So here it is. After completing Outlaw 2010 in a time of 11:41 I need to now work on going faster.

This year 11:41 (701)
Swim 63
T1 4
Bike 341
T2 4
Run 289

The aim Sub 10hours and the plan to get there. 600 mins
Swim - 60mins
T1 - 5
Bike - 330mins (5.5hrs)
T2 - 5
Run - 180 (3hrs)

Total mins 585.

Age 25
Height 6'1
Weight 89 kgs
BF% 16.25

I'll update this blog every 2-4 weeks to let you know what is happening in my world of pain and hopefully find more of you going through the same!!!
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