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'Tri'ing it out
'Tri'ing it out
An insight into my journey from kick-boxer to triathlete. Going to use this to mainly write race reports and other significant training moments!

The 'Perfect' Day

leighschvartzby leighschvartzOct 10th 2013
My original plan with this blog was to use it to document races with race reports and learning, but after some fairly positive reviews and some encouraging viewing figures (for a wannabe blogger anyway) I'm going to use this to document some other significant training moments and some musings. This post is a bit of both.

So, I've just got back from 7 days all inclusive holiday in Tunisia which spurned the idea for this particular thought - I think most people would agree that this type of holiday is all about rest, relaxation and recharging the batteries after working & training hard. For me, a holiday like this is all about spending the days in as near 'perfect' way as possible, ensuring you do exactly what you love doing as you don't have the daily time issues of fitting everything into your working day or weekends. It's this notion of 'perfect day' that has become a pretty interesting concept since I got back.

So amongst my various friendship groups I am pretty synonymously known as being the fitness 'obsessive', and these days it's a pretty big statement around how you are perceived (from your eating habits to your hobbies). The question that I was asked numerous times on my first day back from holiday from a variety of people is - "Did you allow yourself some downtime from training?". Now, for most people, this is a no-brainer - holiday is a break from the stresses of everyday life, of which for the majority of people training/exercising is one. So when my answer is in fact the complete opposite (I trained more!) - it seemed that most people were shocked.

This is where the concept of the 'Perfect Day' comes in, and how relative this term is; there is no blanket term answer that sums up what people want to do on holiday, there are norms and majorities - of course - but it's unique to each person. My perfect day would include training for numerous reasons, but mainly because I enjoy it and it's not something I do as a chore or because I have to, it's engrained into my lifestyle and isn't something I look to get rid of to enjoy myself. If I had unlimited time I would be out on my bike most days, I'd weight train more and I'd run & swim more - I feel that in my everyday life my training schedule is limited due to my work and other commitments, so when I get a week off on holiday, this is the time when I can create my individual 'Perfect Day' - without the 8 hours at work to fit in!

For me at least - holidays are just all about enjoying the time you have away from your daily routine and creating your perfect day, whether that be spending a few hours running or swimming, or if it's exploring and walking through to relaxing on a beach all day.

My Rough 'Perfect Day' This Holiday

9:00 - Wake up and get out for an easy pre-sun run (5k ish)
9:30 - Get breakfast - buffet.. all you can eat of course!
10:00 - Hitch up a spot by the pool and listen to music or read a book.. of course getting a tan in the mean time!
13:00 - Lunch.. again, as many courses as you can eat!
13:45 - Quick break from the sun and hit the gym for a weights session
14:45 - Back out into the sun, maybe down by the beach this time to get involved in some water-sports or beach games
16:30 - Bit of time in the indoor pool doing some lengths and 400m training
17:00 - Afternoon tea by the pool, followed by some reading in the sunset.
19:00 - Out for dinner
20:00 - Drinks!

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