My Nutrition, Fitness & Triathlon Principles
My Nutrition, Fitness & Triathlon Principles
I don't compete and just do it for fun - at least that is what I tell people.

Triathlons provide me with goals throughout the year that help me maintain my fitness and motivate me to eat well and stay in shape for as long as I can. Also I have realized that the energy I gain from triathlons helps me excel in my professional and personal life which is an extra bonus.

Dramatic change in Nutrition

lubnaniby lubnaniDec 23rd 2017
Over the last 7 years or so I have been consistently trying to improve my nutrition. I used to eat lots of junk and have been gradually cutting out bad things and replacing with what I thought were good things.

In 2016 I got myself a personal trainer who put me on the ketogenic diet which I have been on since. You probably heard about it and can also watch the details of it on many youtube videos out there (Dr. Berg is the best in my opinion). This type of nutrition focuses on taking in about 70% fat, 20% protein and the remaining 10% carbs from green vegetables. That means no sugar, no alcohol, no rice, bread, pasta, cereal, grains you name it. The idea is that this way of eating reduces you insulin levels and allows your body to tap into fat stores for energy (Insulin in your blood prevents your body from releasing fat as it work in the opposite direction to store fat).

Not only has it helped me shed a lot of fat but has given me tremendous performance improvements. I estimate it has allowed me to shave of 10min from my Olympic distance.

Furthermore I have coupled the diet with intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast and only eating lunch and dinner) and most recently the warrior diet (eating only one time per day). My body is so well adapted now I can go for a day without eating and without hunger. During the fasting period your body releases human growth hormone which helps muscle growth / retention.

Races are so easy from a nutritional perspective. I eat the evening before the race and that is it. Apart from water I don't take in any food during the race and I have so much energy. It is amazing. I can highly recommend it - try it out.
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