My Nutrition, Fitness & Triathlon Principles
My Nutrition, Fitness & Triathlon Principles
I don't compete and just do it for fun - at least that is what I tell people.

Triathlons provide me with goals throughout the year that help me maintain my fitness and motivate me to eat well and stay in shape for as long as I can. Also I have realized that the energy I gain from triathlons helps me excel in my professional and personal life which is an extra bonus.

ITU Abu Dhabi

lubnaniby lubnaniDec 23rd 2017
It is all a bit short notice but the question I have is whether I really need so many months to prepare for a triathlon. Since I exercise and train regularly shouldn't I be able to complete a race in the winter as well? I feel pretty good and rested and with a little bit of training I aim to take part in the ITU Abu Dhabi in March.

Haven't booked anything yet and will take the 20th Jan 2018 as my go / no-go decision date.
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