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I'm Paul and based in sunny Watford I come from a cycling background having raced for a number of years when I was younger and now attempting to enter the world of triathlon

I start training today!

lycramassifby lycramassifOct 11th 2010
Hi Everyone,
Having attempted to complete a triathlon for a couple of years and each time having to withdraw due to injury or some other unforeseen circumstance I've decided to enter one of the big events with the hope and determination to avoid further injury, remain focused and most importantly train for the event correctly!
My training started this week! I'm using a Don Fink Ironman training plan starting from the very beginning with a some adjustments and tweaks in the belief that if I can train correctly I'll be in a better position next year to not only start and finish the event but also to enjoy it. To say I'm nervous is an understatement but I'm beginning to think most of the nerves or apprehensionĀ's actually excitement - I can-t wait!
If anyone has any advise, suggestions please throw them my way!
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