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Maiday tris something new....
Singularly failing to compete in anything in 2010 so far!

First Club Swim

maidayby maidayJun 19th 2010
Chrissie cajoled me into going and Cranmere supported!

OK so I'm not the slowest - that little but of upper body strength I seem to have ensured that but it's all just short lived power sadly so I can't even string 2 lengths together without stopping, yet.

By the end of the session I was having problems getting to the end of each length to be honest. But the positives are - I will no not be so scared to go to another session, I can swim a 33m length not just a 20m one, I can only get better with coaching and the friendly support and my childish fear of the deep end (long drop on floor and water gets darker and colder) did not appear.

Just wait til I can sort the endurance! (oh and the fear of drains and filters.....*shudder*)
cranmereby member: cranmere, Jun 20th 2010 23:32
Don't panic! It was only a few weeks ago that I couldn't swim more than a length without having to stop either.
Trevervaby member: Treverva, Jun 28th 2010 08:18
Congratulations for getting out there and doing this. Stay with it and it will keep getting easier.
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