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Singularly failing to compete in anything in 2010 so far!

Going backwards

maidayby maidayJul 19th 2010
Today was not a good training day.

Felt like I did not want to get out of bed...ever. But did and went to the local pool, not been there since I joined the swanky gym last year. It's had a refurb although it's a bit hit and miss - new toilets for instance but still the paint is peeling off the ceiling!

Anyway...head not in right place for swim and it did not go well. Although I felt that my stroke was better given all the work that Matt and Andy have put into helping me improve, I could not string lengths together unless I bailed out and breast stroked which so feels like cheating when I've just learned to crawl.

Didn't have the energy to breast stroke much either so did 15 lengths and got out before the schools took over the pool. Felt like I was getting worse rather than better. Need my clubmates around me as per our coached swims to make me work harder I think.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jul 19th 2010 20:12
Well I think you did well to do 15 lengths as I'd have got out after 5! We all have days like that and it definitely helps to have other people training with you in club sessions. Stick with it, your next break through is surely on its way!

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