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Maiday tris something new....
Singularly failing to compete in anything in 2010 so far!

I swimmed!

maidayby maidayMay 11th 2010
Now a few lengths of crawl in a small pool is not much for most of you but I'm chuffed as I've managed to avoid the water cos I'm useless at the swimming!

Found crawl easier than breast strke lst few times though but need to slow down and think about my stroke and breathing else drown!

Sunday 6 lengths x 20
Tuesday 12 x20
Trevervaby member: Treverva, May 11th 2010 13:56
I joined a tri club last fall and have been swimming with them twice a week ever since. I was thoroughly intimidated at the thought of being in a pool with a bunch of very athletic twenty somethings when I am definately not in that category. I needn't have worried.

Yes there are some members who fit that criteria but there are many who do not. Everyone is encouraging no matter what their fitness level or swimming ability. I have gone from not being able to swim 4 lengths without stopping to now being able to swim 2 kilometers in an hour.

I highly recommend stepping in to a pool either with a triathlon or swimming group or with a bunch of folks who are willing and able to help you improve your technique.

Congratulations on taking these first steps........keep it up because in a few short weeks you will look back on the 6 lengths that you have just done and marvel at how far you have gone.
cranmereby member: cranmere, May 12th 2010 15:37
Congratulations. I'm usually the slowest person at the session but I'm improving, and no-one seems to mind too much.
cranmereby member: cranmere, Jun 10th 2010 11:24
I still can't do continuous FC so you're not alone.
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