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MoorEmpowered To Be A Triathlete
MoorEmpowered To Be A Triathlete
Part of changing myself for the better, I need to help my body reach its fullest and healthiest potential. Living an active life will not only help my physical being, but my mental being as well. The stress that comes from carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders is best relieved by living an active life. One of the ways I plan on living an active live is to participate in Triathlons.

Participating in Triathlons requires extensive and exhausting training. This training serves multiple purposes. Not only will it have its intended goal of helping me become physically stronger and faster but partnered with daily mediation and self reflection, will help me build a steadfast relationship with myself. I will truly learn my body and mind from a deeper aspect, what they can handle and what they are capable of.

Before I change the world, I need to learn who I am, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Starting Out

makinmovesby makinmovesJul 28th 2014
I may not be an Olympic athlete but I am no stranger to hard work and training. I must admit that Triathlons in thought seemed to really intimidate me ever since I was a young athlete. I had never seen one in person till recently and thanks to an awesome experience, now my intimidation has been replaced with a burning for seeing how far I can push my body to make it more efficient and stronger. However, I am a complete newbie, which I could allow to keep intimidating me or I can choose to take control and make this an awesome growing experience.

This experience will not only help me reach my physical potential but it will help my mind as well. From the weight of my stresses that I carry on my shoulders, training can help dissolve the negative effects into strength in my workouts and races. Another positive to training is that it will help me to get to know my body and mind more intimately by learning how nutrition, pushing myself, routine, drive, and resilience can effect my life for the better. This is one aspect that I will be adding to my life that will assist me in becoming the best person I know I can be.

Below are pics from the Half Ironman in Racine I witnessed last weekend. So proud of AJ Fitzhenry for displaying what true hard work and dedication can do, 2nd in his age group, inspirational.
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