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MoorEmpowered To Be A Triathlete
MoorEmpowered To Be A Triathlete
Part of changing myself for the better, I need to help my body reach its fullest and healthiest potential. Living an active life will not only help my physical being, but my mental being as well. The stress that comes from carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders is best relieved by living an active life. One of the ways I plan on living an active live is to participate in Triathlons.

Participating in Triathlons requires extensive and exhausting training. This training serves multiple purposes. Not only will it have its intended goal of helping me become physically stronger and faster but partnered with daily mediation and self reflection, will help me build a steadfast relationship with myself. I will truly learn my body and mind from a deeper aspect, what they can handle and what they are capable of.

Before I change the world, I need to learn who I am, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The Unexpected Positives of Training

makinmovesby makinmovesJul 31st 2014
Training is not just meant to better your body but it is supposed to help focus and strengthen your mind in all its depths. I didn't take my mental health seriously till I started truly awakening to the world around me and truly embracing the constant race of thoughts about everything about this life in my head. Over the past few years I have been really trying hard to nurture my thoughts and ideas and sometimes it takes stepping out of your daily grind to appreciate the good that is in this world. Today while training, I had a beautiful mind strengthening lesson.

When one thinks of suburban life, it is common to have thoughts of cookie cutter houses, next door neighbors so close you can here them pee, traffic, tons of businesses and people. Not as congested as the city but just enough. Now don't get me wrong, I love city life and I don't mind suburban life, but sometimes I need that connection of calmness and nature. When you live in these areas, you need to recognize and appreciate the small moments that bring you a calmness when you are lucky enough to find them. Today I had my eyes open and I got to experience one of those moments.

Today was a running day for me and I wanted to work in some strength training as well. Due to the fact that I love to change it up, I decided to take advantage of the community lake that I have in my town and went to rent a kayak and do some rowing. Of course to utilize all my time while training, I decided to run to the lake. It was about the time the sun was beginning to set when I headed out. By the time I reached the lake and got out on the water, the sun was so beautiful and vibrant with an evening glow. It danced across the whole lake while the family of ducks swam through the ripples. The trees lining the lake were rustling with a late summer breeze whispering about all things that have been enjoyed this summer. The active families were spending quality time together walking the lake and fishing. A women was playing a violin in the garden that echoed over the dock. As I slid the oars in and out the water, I watched as the water moved all around my kayak. It was just all so beautiful and calming. I drank it all in, I breathed it all in. This life can offer you so many amazing moments, you need to have your eyes truly open to all or you will miss many moments like these. Training, trying to better myself, is what brought me to this moment today and I am glad I was awake to appreciate it.

After a long day of being on my grind, this moment was exactly what I needed physically and mentally. I am at peace right now. I am breathing steady. My mind feels rested.
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