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Maintaining the life-training balance
Maintaining the life-training balance
This blog hopes to focus on the "life" side of the training-life balance that anyone training for triathlon will know can be difficult to juggle. No one really cares what interval set I ran today and how high my heart rate got so I won't try and impress anyone with those stats. Stats make the world go round though so for those who are interested I will have Garmin data available for each training session, most stats i throw around on a saturday night are made up, sadly thats not an option with the garmin so you can be assured at least that aspect of this blog will be honest.

NoRestDays Day 13 - Terrible choices

malcolmclelandby malcolmclelandOct 13th 2012
"Why the fudge did I do that" is something everyone will ask themselves many times in life. When it comes to making poor choices I like to think I'm one of those people that has it down to an art. Some of my friends like to think they are pretty good at it, In hindsight Jack believes his appearance on the set of Deadliest Catch during a US holiday was one of his bigger mistakes, coincidentally it is also one of Simon's favourite shows. I've developed the special ability to think of something, realise its stupid, fully understand the implications of said decision, and then go ahead and do it anyway without the need for peer pressure or outside influence. Case in point was Day 13's ride, but I could also share stories about fake ID's, traveling on fuel light, mountain bike crashes and most Saturday nights for the past 6 years.

The weather forecast said rain, when I set out it was raining and when I got home it was still raining. The only variable during the 4+ hours on the bike was the wind, it was either very strong, or just ridiculous. Knowing exactly what I was in for, I set out wrapped up in every layer of wind and waterproof clothing I own, all of which were soaked within 30 minutes. In these conditions there is only one way to make yourself ride a long way, ride for 2+ hours in one direction before turning around and riding home, this eliminates any option of taking a short cut to get home and warm up. So that's exactly what I did and plowed headfirst into a blowing northerly until I reached the top of the Paekak hill before turning around and coming home. I would put this ride down as the wettest and windiest I've ever done bar none, which I knew would be the case before I even set out. All up 110km in 4:15 in character building weather wasn't a bad outing. As if that wasn't enough though, the sun came out in the afternoon so I seized the opportunity and got out for a run/explore in Polhill reserve and 45 minutes later found myself at the Brooklyn wind turbine, at least its all down hill home from there as my legs were really starting to hurt.

Day 13 was also a Saturday which meant a night out was in order to celebrate Jacks newly found employment. Somewhere in the course of the evening I decided that since I wasn't drinking I would drink a coffee for every beer the lads consumed, once again making a terrible decision all by myself. The biggest problem though, was that this decision was made well into the night. What resulted was an 8 shot coffee that would have most people awake for the remainder of the evening. Fortunately for me I have a coffee addiction that borders on unhealthy so aside from the terrible taste the effect was minimal. Its a good thing I haven't got a dodgy heart. Coffee and cycling go hand in hand with many a ride being interrupted by a stop at the coffee shop to recharge, the way I saw it I was just making up for the coffee's I haven't had during my past few weekends riding.

Garmin data from the ride and the run below.
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