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Maintaining the life-training balance
Maintaining the life-training balance
This blog hopes to focus on the "life" side of the training-life balance that anyone training for triathlon will know can be difficult to juggle. No one really cares what interval set I ran today and how high my heart rate got so I won't try and impress anyone with those stats. Stats make the world go round though so for those who are interested I will have Garmin data available for each training session, most stats i throw around on a saturday night are made up, sadly thats not an option with the garmin so you can be assured at least that aspect of this blog will be honest.

NoRestDays Day 16 - Winning is Everything

malcolmclelandby malcolmclelandOct 16th 2012
At the end of the day winning is the most important part of any competition. New Zealanders are far too quick to congratulate someone for participation, I participate in Lotto sometimes, does that deserve me a pat on the back too? Winning doesn┬'t always mean you┬'re the first to cross the finish line, but what it does mean, is entering an event with a goal, and if you don┬'t achieve that goal being disappointed. In my last Half Ironman I finished quicker than I did in the same race last year and friends and family were congratulating me on a great effort. I was in a sulk though, realising I missed a golden opportunity to go substantially faster as I faltered during the run and found myself in survival mode.

Day 16 was my 4th day of riding in a row, the legs were starting to feel the effects but I knew one last hit out would be worthwhile. I caught up with an old friend from school who has also found enjoyment in the pain of triathlons and we headed out for a Makara loop to get some hill work into the legs and shoot the breeze. Coming home through Karori I suggested we tack on an ascent of Wrights hill, one of the tougher climbs around Wellington, to use up the remainder of the daylight. All up the ride was only 45km but by the end of it I was creeping and looking forward to putting the feet up.

As it turns out, the Tauranga Half Ironman will not only see me racing against the clock but also against 3 friends who I have been training and racing with in the build up. Ben, Cam, Richard and I will all line up on the 5th of January seeking the bragging rights that comes with being ┬"first┬" home. George Greegan famously once taunted Byron Kelleher with ┬"four more years┬" when Australia beat the All Blacks at the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Thankfully for the 3 of us who aren┬'t that first person home the shot at redemption is only the next race away.

Garmin data below
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