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Maintaining the life-training balance
Maintaining the life-training balance
This blog hopes to focus on the "life" side of the training-life balance that anyone training for triathlon will know can be difficult to juggle. No one really cares what interval set I ran today and how high my heart rate got so I won't try and impress anyone with those stats. Stats make the world go round though so for those who are interested I will have Garmin data available for each training session, most stats i throw around on a saturday night are made up, sadly thats not an option with the garmin so you can be assured at least that aspect of this blog will be honest.

NoRestDays Day 21 - 21st Birthdays

malcolmclelandby malcolmclelandOct 21st 2012
21st birthdays are a love them or hate them kind of affair. One type of party involves having an amazing time with friends and family who share stories about how you've been the perfect child who never put a foot wrong. The other type of 21st is where all you dirty laundry gets aired in front of friends and family who quickly come to realise that you're not quite the angel you say you are. I never had a proper 21st party, conveniently for me my birthday fell during exams so I managed to avoid handing over the microphone to people with the ability to ruin any political ambitions I may hold. 21st birthdays also come with big presents, to mark the momentous occasion of completing the 21 day challenge I decided to treat myself a trip to Sydney to run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the final training session. Don't believe me? Just check the GPS data below... By now anyone still reading these posts would realise this is a total fabrication, stranger things have happened though, like the time I convinced someone I couldn't read and I made it through University with the assistance of audio books. (I did run over the bridge though)

To be totally honest I was pretty sore before heading out on this run, minimal sleep, travel, and a couple of hard runs had me looking forward to getting it over and done with. The pace wasn't hot, but the weather was so it was good to get out in to afternoon sun and get a bit of a head start on the summer tan lines. A tickle over 8km wasn't a bad effort for a Sunday afternoon stroll considering all I wanted to do was sleep. You know you're tired when you need a nap just to find the energy to get ready for bed, but this is what I found myself doing after dinner on the 21st night of the 21 day challenge. Perhaps it was a sign it had all finally caught up with me, or perhaps it was a sign that I needed to stop living off 3 hours sleep and 12 coffeesÂ's a day.

My run over the bridge quickly made me aware of a few things, when you have waxed legs people look at you a bit different. Girls want your legs and guys want the looks the girls are giving you. I couldn't care less either way as my main focus was avoiding the masses of other people running and walking over the bridge on a Sunday afternoon, thankfully I wasn't out to break any records today. Running in a crowded congested area such as the Sydney waterfront may be nice for a change but realistically it reminded me of doing battle in a crowded shopping mall. The mumÂ's with their baby strollers were the equivalent of a blind person pushing a shopping trolley and the hoards of tourists resembled a gaggle of young girls who had decided to skip their 3 period maths class, cool kids stay in school. Good training requires a good environment, while it may be Â"coolÂ" to run where everyone can see the $400 sunglasses you just bought, youÂ're going to feel slightly inadequate once you get your butt kicked on race day.

GPS data below
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