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Maintaining the life-training balance
Maintaining the life-training balance
This blog hopes to focus on the "life" side of the training-life balance that anyone training for triathlon will know can be difficult to juggle. No one really cares what interval set I ran today and how high my heart rate got so I won't try and impress anyone with those stats. Stats make the world go round though so for those who are interested I will have Garmin data available for each training session, most stats i throw around on a saturday night are made up, sadly thats not an option with the garmin so you can be assured at least that aspect of this blog will be honest.

NoRestDays Day 4 - You get what you pay for

malcolmclelandby malcolmclelandOct 4th 2012
There is zero hidden meaning in the title of this post. Unless you're looking for one, in which case I'm sure your imagination is going crazy since I just got back from Thailand. Day 4 saw me on a work jaunt up to Auckland for the day. Unfortunately I used the services of Jokestar to get there. The trip up saw me sitting next to a man impersonating a wounded warthog as he snored the entire flight but at least we arrived on time. Returning home we boarded on time, and then proceeded to depart 30 minutes late without explanation, par for the course when you book yourself onto the cheapest flights you can find. I bet the service during Koru hour on AirNZ was great... Instead of getting in at 5:50pm we got in about 6:30pm and my plan of running around the coast before dark was looking touch and go.

The "she'll be right" approach is one I like to apply to many aspects of life, another personal favourite is "add a bit of risk to your life", so I set off on the run in full knowledge that I had about 40 minutes of light left. In the end I ran for about an hour on the 4 wheel drive tracks that wander around the coast from the bottom of happy valley, the last 20 minutes in quickly fading light and in hindsight, I wish I had gone further as it was a pretty cool experience.

Quality costs money, finding good quality in Thailand is like getting a tan during winter in Wellington. Fluro Calvin Klein underwear can be bought on nearly every street corner for about NZD $3 a pair. On first impressions a real bargain, but when the ink in your fluro underwear runs during the night and stains your hotel sheets pink that $3 pair of underwear becomes a $63 pair after the hotel makes you pay for the sheets you've ruined, just ask Lindsay Muir. Exercise clothing is the same, don't go for a run in a scruffy old t-shirt and then complain when the chaffing has made your nipples bleed, get the right kit and avoid that awkward situation where your white t shirt looks more like a Japanesse flag.
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