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Recovering & Rest - Why am I aching??!? Why do long distance events seem so appealing?

marshrgby marshrgMar 2nd 2012

After a day off yesterday and an extremely casual day today it seems my body is protesting...
Sore hamstrings and ankle a bit of intercostal rib pain - what is going on?? I was planning on going for a very gentle morning ride tomorrow on the TT bike (needs a name, & picture to follow) 10 -20 km steady just to make sure all is well prior to the sprint tri on sun.

I am being tempted by long distance events again, I won't be back in the UK in time for another thrash on the Beaver (see you in 2013), the vitruvian is full, and hand on heart even though I would love to do battle with IM Wales I know I don't have enough time to train for it properly.

I'll put a post up tomorrow and let you know about my pre race prep...

Children baths and stories call, until tomorrow!
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