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Cramming it in...

martinkilbby martinkilbJul 2nd 2012
This is how I make it work at the moment. This has been going on for some time but this should give you an idea if time is tight.

Swim: Back to lunchtime swims, which mean a hectic lock of the computer screen, jump in car or onto bike and race down to the pool. Pay, change, stuff everything in a locker, maximise time in the water, get out exhausted, extract everything from locker, dry, change get back to work. Ctrl, Alt Del, login into computer, stuff sandwich into gob whilst reading emails/manuals with bemused colleagues questioning my sanity.

Run: Leave car at work and run home tonight. More bemused frowns from colleagues stepping into their cars. Will do the reverse on Friday and run to work in the morning. Hope the laptop survives sustained jiggling on my back twice a week.

Bike: Aim to get soaked in the morning by commuting. Rain or shine, that's the rule. No doubt more shaking of heads and bemused frowns from colleagues in the morning as I get to work looking like a drowned rat (based on the weather outside at the moment!). Thanks goodness for the coffee machine!
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