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Fffut... or phew?

martinkilbby martinkilbOct 15th 2012
That was what I was thinking at 5am at Wasdale Head last month for my category A race on the news that an 'Orange Weather Warning' was happening and the race would definitely be postponed, shortened or even cancelled due to severe weather. In the event, it was cancelled.

So, what now? By 8am, I was having a coffee in Wasdale Head Inn and thought I might as well go for a run. A couple of other competitors were up for it, one of them who knew the area and had run the course... what harm could it do to go for a little jog. Well, in the end it took me over 5 hours to run the run leg of around 14 miles.

[ Look right, and a little down, and you can see the route in my Strava feed, if this is recently read by the 5 people who may read this ;-) ]

It resulted in me having to physically crawling on all fours at points, getting absolutely soaked, forded streams nearly up to my waist, which are usually mountain gullies, watching waterfalls get blown back uphill, and generally having a pretty awesome experience. Roll on next year, and hopefully add cycling and 'official' swimming to the mix and we'll have a triathlon!

Funnily enough, I'm not as disappointed as I thought I'd be that it didn't happen. Because if it did, I can seriously say that not more than half the field would have finished and there would pretty much have been casualties along the route. It wouldn't have been very pleasant on a carbon bike in that wind and rain and the swim would have been choppy to say the least. The roads are not that great in the lake district and 30 percent inclines by bike aren't easy even on the sunny days. I wish I had some photo's to share, but alas the phone hasn't functioned since.

So what now... all that training and tapering done, with no result? Well, the 'reconnaisance jog', as I now refer to it, made up for some, but it reminds me, after this last blue-sky weekend, that we need to enjoy our training for trainings sake, as not every race is sunny and straight forward. This was my first one that was curtailed, and I look back over the last 6 months of running, cycling and swimming and think, 'Hey - I'm glad I did it, I enjoyed it and there's always next year!'.

That's probably all the blog posting I'll do for this season, maybe some musings over the winter after a frosty run... we'll have to see ;-)
Hope you all had great seasons, and stay safe.
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