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The Long Game
Musings of somebody trying to get faster in the water, on a bike and on some trainers!

Puff. And so it began.

martinkilbby martinkilbMay 17th 2012
Puff puff, bubble bubble, Puff Puff, whirr whirr, Puff Puff, stamp stamp = triathlon.

The musings of somebody who's not written a blog before, but as an experiment is going to see whether some objective thoughts can be put on 'paper' and shared, assuming somebody reads this. So why am I doing this? Journalistically it's probably not the most riveting stuff, but primarily I'm going to give it a shot to structure an answer to this question over the next few days...

Topic ---> triathlon. The training for, participation and general involvement of how it has crept into my life.
Puff. And so it began.
Small interuption for an image. It happened to be on my computer. It's the first one I chose. It's quite apt really. If it's copywrited, apologies - It's from the Howies website originally I think.

Do I do triathlon to keep up with the desire to combust all those additional calories that I undoubtedly consume? Or do I consume them to fuel what has now become a habitual, swimming, cycling and running habit. I think it started with me deciding that I myself felt better having gone for a run or a bike ride to justify that packet of crisps and pint of beer a few years ago. Don't ask about swimming - up till my involvement in triathlon it just equated to 'floating' around in the water, why lanes were involved was a mystery to me - far too much hard work. However, it's now a symbiotic relationship I feel. I do exercise to justify eating what I desire to eat, and I do eat to fuel myself. As for the quality of the fuel, that's a different matter. Recently, when the amount of opportune 'training time' (swim,bike,run at any opportunity whether formal training, commuting, over work lunchtime, or racing) has been limited, I have started to examine this.

But enough for now. I suspect some structure is required rather than the diatribe of thoughts that are coming into my head. This has been an introduction. The symbiotic relationship between food and exericse. I may revisit it, but for now... Let's leave it at that.

Feel free to leave a comment... to prove somebody reads this stuff... or is it just me revisiting the site to check for spelling mistakes.
TriRachby member: TriRach, May 18th 2012 14:53
Hello, yes I read the blogs, I enjoy them! Like you I wonder if people would want to hear about my everyday activities, perhaps I will try adding a forth discipline of skydiving. Also wanted to say I love the pic, have seen it before, not sure where it originated either.
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