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The Long Game
Musings of somebody trying to get faster in the water, on a bike and on some trainers!

Race season - feedback time.

martinkilbby martinkilbJun 21st 2012
Cromhall sprint triathlon last night.
Swim - improving, shaved 2 mins off last months swim, so either the course was shorter, or I swam straighter, or 3 swim sessions a week have paid off and I swam quicker!

Cycle - felt strong and managed to get past some faster swimmers, who got out the water minutes ahead of me. Interval training on hills seems to be paying off with a fast split!

Run - less toffee legs than last time, settled into a steady run and then tried to push it on the second lap, with a bit more success

All in all, a successful enjoyable evening's racing, with some great feedback that the training which can feel like flogging a dead horse at times, is paying off.
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