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The Long Game
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Splash, Whirr, Plod.

martinkilbby martinkilbMay 31st 2012
Swimming progressing regularly now and seems to be going OK. Still my weakest discipline but really enjoy and visibly see the progress when regularly getting into the water (my perception - haven't re-tested any baselines - will do this in 2/3 weeks). Will keep you posted.

Cycling going well - the cross bike is opening up many new routes to keep my sanity - gravel tracks and the like, where I wouldn't take my road bike. There are no tri-bars on it, but for intense hill sessions and seeing some fresh air - I love it. Knobbles on the wheels slow me down and I tell myself they are aiding my training - it's not a race after all.

Running has turned slightly surreal. Upon finding out I'm doing the Swaledale Marathon next weekend, I took to a 18miler last Friday to see what a slightly longer run felt like. I found out, and in retrospect it was probably not the best idea. It went well on the day, but it really affects my training load the days after... felt absolutely done-in for last 3 days. Went out for an attempted solo interval run session today and baled it and decided to run in circles instead fartlek style... I think I wimped out. Oh well, going to do a couple of shorter runs to get the legs ready for next Saturday in the next week, but generally take it easy in that department. Will provide a race report hopefully.
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